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A Unique and Effective Way of Looking at Your Workforce

Many businesses, small and large, have structured repetitive tasks that are important to be done, but not the most interesting to many employees.  These tasks could include direct mailings, cleaning, sorting, filing, as well as other similar tedious tasks which are unique to a specific business.  In some cases these activities occur on a regular [...]

Kenya Entrepreneurs from Africa at UConn Seminar

Southeastern CT SCORE members have again participated in a series of seminars for Entrepreneurs from Kenya Africa held at the UConn’ Global Training and Development Institute (GTDI) at the Storrs, CT Campus. The University of Connecticut’s Global Training and Development Institute, in partnership with TechnoServe-Kenya, have been awarded a grant by the US Department of [...]

Why are You in Business?

You and your employees should be able to articulate the true mission of your company and its critical-success factors. Here are eight questions that will help you define your company’s core purpose: 1. What makes us different from our competitors? 2. Why do customers buy from us rather than from our competitors? 3. What are our best talents and [...]

Roberts’ Rules of Entrepreneurship

By Flori Roberts You believe in yourself. You have ideas and dreams. Use these convictions to create a rewarding and fulfilling business life, where you are the boss. During the agonies and ecstasies of starting my own company, I learned these “rules of entrepreneurship” the hard way…on the job! Perhaps it can help those of [...]

Take Your Company’s Pulse

Which numbers should you keep an eye on to monitor your business’s financial health—and how often should you check them? Here are 10 critical checkpoints: Weekly Updates 1. Current cash position (how much cash was received, when and from whom) 2. Cash disbursements (e.g., payroll, materials and purchasing) 3. New sales 4. Accounts receivable (beginning balances, outstanding credit and cash [...]

Freebies & Goodies

Business Planning Tools! FREE? Not only free, but really about as good as anything you might have to pay for . . . AND ALWAYS current and available! WSJ Business Planning Tools WSJ Startup Calculator Sample Business Plans Business Plan Starter

Did you know that…. Settling business disputes in court is not always the best way

[Ed. Note: If you’ve been there, you already know what a drain of time and resources a lawsuit can be for you and for your business. If you haven’t, read on!] From USATODAY.com Q: Normally, I enjoy my business a lot, but right now I don’t. Why? Because I am involved in a nasty lawsuit [...]

Your Very Own Unique Selling Proposition

Face up to it!… youʼve got competition out there. But yet your customers/clients come to you. Do you know WHY? Obviously there has to be a reason why they selected you over your competition…there is something unique to you. You have an UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (an USP)! Put simply, the Unique Selling Proposition is what you can offer that your competition [...]

Wanna have some fun?

Try: http://www.quirky.com/ SOCIAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Help us choose the next great Quirky product We need you to help us identify the best ideas up for evaluation. Our products come from people just like you. Come influence us! Have a great idea bouncing around in your head? Send it our way! Submit Your Idea [Ed. Note: Go Ahead! It can’t [...]