What makes a great SCORE counseling team?

Meet the Old Saybrook Team led by Jerry Litner!

One good answer: Diversity.

It means putting together a group that can see a client’s problem through different lenses of experience, often creating the synergy where one good idea seems to leap forward and lead to the next.

Typifying this type of team mixture in the Southeastern Connecticut SCORE chapter is the counseling group that meets two Tuesdays a month in Old Saybrook.

So, let’s introduce the five member OSB team, consisting of three men and two women, whose experience ranges from big corporate banking to one-man start-ups:


Mike Reddy

Mike Reddy comes from the world of big banks, having spent forty years as a commercial and investment banker which makes him a natural for direct and incisive questioning and commenting on budgeting, financial records keeping, and the value of cash flow analysis. In addition he has been a consultant to the public and private utility and energy industry sectors. He also owned his own small business for four years.


Jerry Litner

Jerry Litner offers a story from a different angle. Out of work at age 50 (the victim of a corporate “bloodbath”) he found he was unemployable in the big corporate world …the headhunters told him he sounded too much like an entrepreneur, so he went out and did the entrepreneurial thing and started his own company from scratch. Up to that point he had been a manufacturing corporation president at age 30, had been through mergers and acquisitions and survived a Chapter 11 bankruptcy among other things, giving him a hands on insight to a wide range of small business operational problems.


Jean Ferris

Jean Ferris sees the world through the lens of lending to small and mid-size companies. She has 30 years experience in commercial banking and managing a commercial lending team. She currently serves on the board of CT Community Investment Corporation. In addition she has served on several boards of directors of not-for-profits and civic organizations.


Bruce Greenfield

Bruce Greenfield in addition to having organized and started a small business has extensive experience in manufacturing, marketing and sales, primarily in mid-cap industrial firms, principally in electronics, aerospace, process control and computer industries. He has done company direct marketing and for many years was an independent manufacturer’s rep.


Beth Vogel

Beth Vogel brings strength in e-commerce retailing and multi-store retailing. For 18 years she had owned a small commercial printing company, then she ran a division of a retail chain of specialized gift stores and over five years saw her group expand from four to 24 stores. Her current e-commerce business specializes in wedding related products.

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