The Added Value of SCORE – from my own perspective as a client

By Karen Stevenson, Thumbnail Designs

I recently watched a series of promotional videos produced by SCORE which really hit home with me. These videos, which can be viewed on various pages of SE CT SCORE’s website ( and in another Express News article in this issue really sum up the way I feel about SCORE — that it’s a priceless resource which everyone businessperson should know about.

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”, and yet, here at SCORE you can get the next best thing — advice from those who have the experience already. They’ve paved the way with trial and error so that they can offer you the best possible advice. And they aren’t doing it for a paycheck — they’re volunteers. They want to be a part of your success — they want to help.

In today’s society where nothing is free and everything has a price, how can you afford to miss out on the added value of SCORE? You simply cannot.

Karen Stevenson
Guest Editor

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